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Affordable Home Cleaning in Bolton

Affordable Home Cleaning in Bolton

commercial floor cleaning Bolton

Choosing the right cleaning company is not easy; you want a company that understands all your needs and provides you with quality services at an affordable rate. Safe Hands Cleaning in Bolton gives you more than just regular cleaning.

We cover all your cleaning needs by giving you quality services. Our work is insured and our fully trained, uniformed staff will ensure you receive first-class services at a very affordable rate. We have been in the cleaning business for many years and are very experienced. Our prowess can be seen from the 5-star reviews we get from our clients on Facebook and Google.

You want a company you can trust to handle your cleaning. A company that gives you safe alternatives and treats your office and home with the care it deserves. We understand the need to keep your carpets and furniture in the best possible condition and that is what our services are geared towards.

Our services span from Bolton, Burn, and Blackburn. We specialize in cleaning carpets, rugs, upholstery, hard floor cleaning, and gutter cleaning. We do all this using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for your home and office.

We are not left behind technologically as we use advanced carpet and upholstery cleaning technology to ensure that your carpets and upholstery and left clean and looking fresh.

The concern amongst most of our clients has always been the drying time. Our technology ensures that the drying time is reduced significantly and the carpets and upholstery are usually ready for use approximately an hour after cleaning.

Why Safe Hands Cleaning?

  • Firstly we are based in Bolton this means we can respond quickly to your appointments and in no time we will arrive at your premises to begin the cleaning.
  • We are professional carpet and upholstery cleaning specialists with years of experience. We guarantee quality services.
  • We offer domestic and commercial cleaning services to residential areas and commercial buildings; we cover homes, offices, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, etc.
  • We are fully insured.
  • Safe Hands uses wool safe approved products and green seal certified solutions in cleaning your property ensuring that children and pets are safe.
  • Our team is courteous and polite and gives the best quality services.
  • We also offer hard floor repair, stain guarding services, and delicate rug cleaning at an affordable price. A free no-obligation quote is available.

Safe Hands Cleaning is dedicated to giving you the best services. Let’s have a detailed look at the services we offer.

Upholstery Cleaning

We offer the best sofa cleaning service in Bolton. Our services are not only affordable but of the highest quality. We use a low moisture cleaning system coupled with eco-friendly products that will deep clean your upholstery getting rid of all stains and dirt.

Our cleaning technicians will give you the highest standard and will also ensure that your upholstery is dry and ready to use in no time.

Here is our cleaning process:

  • Pre-clean inspection
  • Fabric identification
  • Vacuuming to remove dirt
  • Fabric spraying with special microfiber mint
  • Low moisture extraction
  • Set the fabric pile

Domestic and Commercial Carpets

We clean the carpets using hot water extraction, low moisture, and dry carpet technology. The suction power and high temperatures of our machines ensure your carpets are left dry in very little time. We cater for all areas you name it and we will be there. We ensure that no disruptions occur in your workplace and that the carpets are ready to walk on as soon as we are done.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Our floor cleaners are highly skilled and will restore your floors to what they looked like previously. If you have Karndean or Amtico floors that look rusty and beat up and you are thinking of replacing them it would be best not to. Call us and let us clean, strip, and re-seal the floor. We guarantee you will like the work we will do.

Rug Cleaning

If you wish to have your rug professionally cleaned by our trained technicians then contact us for the best services. Our rug cleaning process is strict so that we achieve the best possible results. Most clients prefer we clean the rugs at their homes. We will do exactly that. The rug will be vacuumed, to remove the dust and inspect for stains.

Wool safe products are then used to ensure no harsh chemicals are left on the rug. This will provide a safe environment for your kids and pets to stay. After the cleaning process, the rug is speed-dried to rid of the remaining moisture.  Some clients also request stain guarding. We also offer this but at an extra charge.

Our rug cleaning process involves.

  • Pre-clean inspection
  • Fabric identification
  • Vacuuming to remove dirt
  • Fabric spraying with special microfiber mint
  • Low moisture extraction
  • Set the fabric pile

Contact us now on 01204 263 025 or email us at Our customer care team is always ready to listen to you and offer you the service you require. Find us at Rockfield House, 512 Darwen Road, Bolton BL7 9DX.

Company: Safe Hands Cleaning
Address: Rockfield House, 512 Darwen Road, Bromley Cross, Bolton BL7 9DX
Phone: 01204 263 025

Splash and Sparkle – Driveway & Patio Cleaning Specialists

Splash and Sparkle – Driveway & Patio Cleaning Specialists

patio cleaning service

Patios and driveways are important parts of the outdoor space in a home. When they are well maintained, they make the home beautiful. They also help you access various parts of the homes. That is the reason you have to clean them regularly.

What is surprising is that some people neglect their patios and driveways so much that the lose their beauty. This should not happen because it makes them wear and tear fast, and before long, you will have to build new structures in your outdoor space. Some of the things that show driveways are not properly cleaned include the following.

  • The colors fade
  • Algae, grass, and other plants grow on them
  • Too much debris deposited on them
  • Some parts start chipping or cracking

You can bring back the beautiful look of driveways by investing in regular cleaning services. Once you contract a professional patio and driveway cleaning company, they will come to your home and remove all the dirt. They will even help you to restore the lost colors and various other things. A reliable cleaning company will assure you that they can do the following.

Remove grass and other plants completely

Grass often starts growing on the edges of driveways and spreads to other parts because of soil that is deposited there. Therefore, the cleaning company will focus on removing all the grass and other plants. It is important to clear everything because when you leave some, it will be difficult to remove the soil on which it grows. In addition to that, they grass grow again soon if it is not uprooted completely. Apart from grass, algae and other similar plants have to be removed.

Clear leaves, Soil, and Other Dirt

Soil, tree leaves that liter the outdoor space, and other forms of dirt are the main causes of damage to patios and driveways. They are the reason colors fade and grass thrives. In fact, if you focus on removing such dirt regularly, you would not have any problem. However, now that the problem already occurred, it is important to find a cleaning company that can effectively remove that dirt. They should use every method to make sure the stones and other surfaces are cleaned. IF the dirt is too much, they will have to start by scoping it off.

Help Restore Colors

Sometimes, thorough cleaning alone may be enough to restore the colors. The fading may be because of accumulation of dust and mud on the surfaces. However, for some painted surfaces, a fresh coat of paint may be needed. The most important thing is to ensure that the amazing look that you used to like is brought back. You can make it even better than the original one.

At Splash and Sparkle, you will find patio and driveway cleaning professionals who understand what customers want. The company has been cleaning such surfaces for a long time, and so, they already have a solution before you call them. They also focus on customer satisfaction, and that is the reason they complete projects on time and communicate clearly.

Company name: Splash and Sparkle
Address: 25 Wren Road, Prestwood, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire HP16 0SB UK
Phone number: +44 1494 355001

Domestic Carpet Cleaning Contractors NI – Carpet Cleaning Belfast

Domestic Carpet Cleaning Contractors NI – Carpet Cleaning Belfast

carpet cleaning services belfast

Do you like the carpets that you use at home? What about their cleanliness? Your rugs may be of high quality and good design, but if you do not clean them regularly, they will not be as useful as they should be.

It is easy to skip washing rugs because they are always on the floor. However, it can also lead to regrets. For example, their durability will be reduced as is their good appearance altered. Finding a reliable carpet cleaning contractor near you is the only way to keep them in the best condition.

You need to understand the following factors about dirty carpets:

  • They cannot last long
  • They lower the quality of air in the house
  • They can emit odor
  • They make the house less comfortable

Find a Contractor to Clean Domestic Carpets

You need contractors who can guarantee a professional and thorough job. Whether they will be cleaning the rugs from your home or another location, you have to be sure that they will conduct themselves professionally. Things such as payments, deadlines, and many others have to be observed. When it comes to quality, you should be looking at the equipment they use and how they do the job. If they are going to use any products that can damage the rugs, you have to be aware.

Always go for a Specialist

Some people do not know that only specialists know how to pick the right cleaning products for every carpet. If you choose an amateur, you will be risking a lot because they may not even know how to remove stains. They may end up making the situation worse by removing the original color of the rugs. You need to understand that although anyone can clean carpets, not everyone will do it right. A specialist will also help you to make the right choices on tasks you do not understand.

Insist on Guaranteed Results

A good carpet cleaning contractor should guarantee that the rugs will be in the best condition when they are done cleaning. Whether they are removing stains or dust, you expect them to do an excellent job. However, you may not know what to expect from them until you have seen their previous works.

You may also want to talk to some of their customers to know if they are happy with their services. If they have a website, you should look for reviews because they will give you an idea of what to expect. You only need to ensure that you are reading reviews from real customers to avoid being duped.

In a nutshell, you are going to find various offers when you search for a carpet cleaning company, but not all can deliver the results that you expect. It takes a company with experienced and professional workers to deliver such services. If you want to change how your rugs look and improve the air quality in your home, you have to consider every factor when searching for a cleaning company. Contact one near you and make your home better.

Business Name: Cleaning Contractors NI
Address: 2 The Mount, Woodstock Link, Belfast BT6 8DD, United Kingdom
Phone Number: +442890737252
Business Email:

Concept Roof Cleaning – Milton Keynes

Concept Roof Cleaning – Milton Keynes

roof cleaning service

Is your roof covered in dirt, moss, fungi and rust? Worry not for Concept Roof Cleaning has your roof cleaning covered. We offer exceptional roof cleaning services with the uttermost professionality all over the United Kingdom.

Our services are one of the best throughout the kingdom. Concept Roof Cleaning has a countrywide network of professional roof cleaning experts that cover the whole of the UK. They are able to provide free roof cleaning quotes across most towns and the countryside. This means that relatively affordable roof cleaning services are now available to homeowners wherever they live.

  • We are focused on giving 100 percent customer through the quality of the service we provide.
  • We do not use a power washer since it does a lot of damage on the roofing.
  • We have invested in the best equipment training and implemented strict company procedures to ensure our staff and clients’ safety during the cleaning process.
  • We give extensive training to ensure that our staff are professionally trained and up to the task of roof cleaning in whatever conditions.
  • We guide the client through the procedure of roof cleaning so that they can be informed on what choice to make.

Concept Roof Cleaning is a family-owned and run roof cleaning company with over 30 years of experience within the industry. We are passionate about delivering a high-quality job that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

We are reliable, professional and enthusiastic and have invested in the modern technology and equipment to ensure we remain atop the roof cleaning industry.

Why choose Concept Roof Cleaning?

      1. Vast experience

We have over thirty years of experience in the roof cleaning industry. This has equipped the company with various on-job experiences throughout different parts of the UK, hence an advantage over most of the companies in this field.

     2. Quality services

Quality service towards the customers needs is our core principle. Our employees and technicians are thorough during their course of work. The procedures that are being implemented during cleaning offers one of the best quality services in this field of roof cleaning.

    3. Client Satisfaction

Concept Roof Cleaning does a thorough job of cleaning every single tile throughout the roof. It is a painstaking process that requires a highly skilled and professional individual in the procedure. The result is astonishing and meets our customers’ satisfaction.

 Benefits of working with Concept Roof Cleaning

  • Long lasting solution. Our roof cleaning services lasts for a very long time of up to three years.
  • You get your value for money through our exceptional work.
  • You do not have to purchase any cleaning equipment for Concept Roof Cleaning has you covered.
  • We offer fast and efficient services to our customers’ satisfaction.

Contact Concept Roof Cleaning today for a free no-obligation quotation and to get the ball rolling. If you have any other questions about the process contact our customer service team today on 01908 596009.

Business Name: Concept Roof Cleaning
Address: The Stable Yard, Vicarage Rd, Milton Keynes MK11 1BN, United Kingdom
Phone Number: 01908 596009